The Spokesperson of the Fashion Industry

Elle is a magazine that stays on the leading edge of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. This women’s magazine is published in 32 countries by Hachette Filipacchi Magazines (a French Company). Elle Magazine has become the world’s leading fashion magazine for every woman in today’s society. This magazine features fashion and beauty trends, lifestyles and personalities. Elle addresses new styles and runway trends in today’s fashion and beauty world. Elle also includes controversial issues in contemporary society to inform their subscribers of emerging talent across all areas of popular culture.Elle magazine features runway shows and great articles for readers with sophistication. Covers cuisine and personalities and also gives you tips on travel plus guides to finding the best fashion and beauty styles to suit you. Elle brings the superstar look to the average lady and allows you to find your most beautiful self at any age. The first new fashion and style magazine.

Ablaze with bold color, fresh looks, new ideas. Its what style setting women prefer to read. For a fashion magazine Elle is definitely one of the ones that includes a few real articles here and there, vs. your typical mindless fashion mag. Also, the fashion shots are artistic and creative. I would recommend Elle over many other fashion magazines. It’s tasteful and doesn’t contain crude sexual insight, but is entertaining and semi-factual. Article subjects differ and are constantly of interest. Elle has a memorable article in every other issue including interesting fashion and beauty tips. Elle is for affluent successful young women desiring couture fashion, beauty and fitness advice. Editorials are well written and entertaining. Elle provides what you expect from a fashion magazine – and more – catering to the fashionable, smart, sophisticated, woman interested in more than just fashion.Elle unlike other magazines, does a great job at keeping things simple.

It boasts only four sections – On The Cover, Fashion, Features and Beauty and Fitness. A big thumbs up from me on this aspect. I hate it when a magazine creates 12 categories for things that can be lumped into a couple. If you’re a female between the ages of 16 and 40, then the advertisements might be of interest to you. Products include make-up (Clinique, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Maybelline); clothing (Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger); jewelry (Swatch, Piaget, Fendi); and perfume (Giorgio Armani, Dior). Nothing original – I’m sure the same ads are appearing in all of the other fashion magazines.Discover everything you need to find the look you love. From cutting-edge runway trends to stylish steals and must-have accessories, ELLE Magazine helps you create your kind of chic. Every issue is full of expert tips and secrets on hair, skin, make-up, health and fitness to keep you glowing. Elle sits somewhere between Vogue, Allure, and Marie Claire, without Vogue’s coldness or narcissistic qualities, and Allure’s sometimes vapid and repetitive articles about make-up trends, and with articles that are a bit more intelligent at times than Marie Claire’s.

I like the fact that Elle also features an “Eco” or “Green” issue that supports and gives recognition to organic cosmetics, etc.To conclude my article i would have to say, is this brain surgery? No. Is this the best magazine ever published? No. But if you like female, fashion magazines that are thick on advertisements and have an article or two that appeal to you, pick Elle up, you won’t be disappointed.

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